A new project about encouraging rural coworking, all around Europe.

Let’s invent “green coworking” together!

Employees, self-employed workers, companies or local authorities…
many of you are already actors and / or facilitators of new ways of working, new ways of living at work.
Remote working, coworking and other collaborative spaces are growing.
But there is still a lot to come!

The future of work and work-life balance is being invented today.

Let’s talk about it !

Contact Rémy Lasset now

and, together, let’s start to imagine simple, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Let’s prepare this transition.

Let’s launch together, near your home, all the way to small towns and countryside villages, all kinds of coworking initiatives.

Let’s dare to experiment, let’s dare pop-up coworking, while aiming at durable solutions. Let’s create these coworking spaces and communities independently, in a private, public, associative or cooperative form.

Let’s invent flexible and open solutions for the many. Let’s connect professionals, whether local or nomadic. Let’s foster their collaboration and cooperation, as well as their integration and contribution to the local environment.

Let’s consider coworking as a solution of sustainable development applied to work, in harmony with our living environment and considering the new environmental and societal issues.

Let’s invent together the new collaborative forms of work of the 2020s.

Contact us by clicking here.


To learn more about our vision of green coworking, eco-friendly coworking, you can read the first article in our blog: What Does It Mean To Be Green?

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