A new project about encouraging rural coworking, all around Europe.

Introducing Green Coworking Europe

It’s a pleasure to welcome you today on this website through this first blog post, introducing our new project Green Coworking Europe.

Green Coworking Europe is not only a new website and a new blog. It’s a new and original initiative made up in order to promote and develop two important and contemporary concepts:

  1. Nature and environmental behaviour,
  2. Coworking and coworkation.

At first sight, there is not much in commun between these two concepts. But let’s get deeper into it and see how interconnected they can be.

Green nature Azores
A green landscape in the Azores islands

Definition of concepts and trends

Nature can probably be considered as our most precious heritage. More than that, we even talk about our Mother Nature, the one who takes care of us.

Nowadays, Mother Nature is getting sick. Not sick of us but yes, she is sick because of us. So now it’s time for us to take care of Mother Nature, so that she can keep taking care of us. Thus, environmentalism is getting essential: protecting, preserving and treating the natural environment from this disease is vital for Mother Nature and for all of us, her children.

Coworking is quite a new trend, especially in Europe. Coworking is about different kind of workers sharing not only the same work space and facilities, but sharing also experience, knowledge, skills, ideas, contacts, etc.

Coworkers (very often considered as members of the coworking spaces and communities, more than just users or clients) are mostly self-employed people. But the number of employees who prefer coworking to home alone remote working is constantly increasing.

Coworkation is a combination of coworking with leisure activities, relaxation and discovery, in a different setting from the ordinary, and with a community spirit related not only to coworking but also coliving for example

Green & Coworking: interconnections?

.It already clearly appears that coworking is a sustainable, collaborative and productive way of working.

Additionally, coworking is a modern way to improve the quality of both work and life and to reach a more satisfying work-life balance. This is pretty obvious in the context of coworkation. But ordinary coworking also has a clear positive impact on these points.

And finally, coworking is eco-friendly.

Do you need evidences? Here are a few ones:

  • Sharing the same work space and materials reduce the economic and environmental costs of construction and consumption, at the same time of offering more services than a lonely remote worker would generally get by himself.
  • Coworkation even goes further on that as it often comes with coliving, which means sharing a common living space, furniture and appliances.
  • Having a coworking space close to home allows coworkers to avoid long commutes. As a direct consequence, coworkers have more time for family and personal life. Also, it reduces economic and environmental costs of transport.
  • Having a coworking space in small towns and villages makes it possible to live and work out of cities, close to nature, and yet socialize with other people in a professional context.
  • Coworking communities make it easier to contact with professionals from different areas without the need of searching far away.
  • Community is always a good catalyst for new ideas and initiatives. This applies to communities of coworkers. And this can generate plenty of environmental initiatives. No need of having professional environmentalists into the community, just by the impulsion of a group, it’s easier for everyone to do his/her fair share of any task.
working together
Working together, working better.

So, why Green Coworking Europe?

Our brand, 3 words, 3 values, our vision


Green means nature, environmentalism, sustainability

We are grateful to Mother Nature. From now on, it’s not enough to respect her. We also need to take care of her and learn to live in harmony all together with her.


We see coworking as a sustainable, collaborative and productive way of working, and coworkation as a wonderful way to balance work and leisure activities, both things in good company.

We want to promote coworking and coworkation in many ways.


Europe is our beautiful land of origin, our base, our primary playground.

We love the diversity of cultures and languages either inside this compact territory and outside.

We are fluent in English, French, Spanish and we love to learn and speak a bit of other languages when we travel and meet foreign people.

Map of Europe
Multicoloured Europe

Our purpose

Green Coworking Europe aims to:

  • promote coworking as a sustainable way of working ;
  • encourage good practices and solutions to environmental problems, applying to coworking, coliving, location independent lifestyle, etc. ;
  • promote coworkation, create coworkation events connected to nature and oriented towards environmentalist action ;
  • promote and contribute to alternative and innovative forms of operating coworking spaces and communities: independent, cooperative, pop-up, experimental, etc. ;
  • help and collaborate with coworking operators located in connection with nature, in rural areas and small towns ;
  • promote coworking and coworkation as ways to connect professionals, either location independent (e.g. digital nomads) and local ones, and make them collaborate / cooperate, all around Europe.

How will Green Coworking Europe operate?

Green Coworking Europe will operate through:

  • posts on this blog and website,
  • social networks (e.g. the Facebook page) and communities (e.g. a Facebook group),
  • meetings and events that we will create, organize and/or promote,
  • collaboration and partnerships with other projects and operators.

Coming soon!

In the very next days, Green Coworking Europe will announce some big news including:

  • an unconference dedicated to digital nomads and environmentalism concerns,
  • two coworkation proposals taking place on the edges of Europe.

Subscribe to this blog, follow the Facebook page and stay tuned!

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