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“Green Digital Nomads Unconference” – Spain

Sun and Co. share
Sharing ideas and knowledge.


  • Open talks and exchange of information and ideas about topics such as environmental consciousness and behaviour, ecology, sustainability… and their connection with the digital nomad lifestyle. 
  • Examples of questions we may ask ourselves:
    • How do we, as Digital Nomads, feel concerned with ecology and sustainability?
    • What is the impact of the location independent lifestyle on the environment?
    • How can we reduce our footprint?
    • etc.
  • 4 days / 3 nights
  • More details and agenda below (under the contact form)


  • 8 Digital Nomads and other people connected to the location independent lifestyle who are willing to talk about these topics
  • Hosts:
    • Sun and Co., a coliving and coworking community on the Mediterranean coast, and their wonderful team
    • Rémy, founder of Green Coworking Europe and organiser of the event


  • At Sun and Co. in Jávea / Xàbia, a beautiful historic seaside town in the province of Alicante (Spain)
  • About 1h30 by bus from either Alicante or Valencia airports and train stations.
Jávea old town
Walking by the streets of Jávea old town.


March 21 to 24, 2019

How much does it cost and what is included?

The price depends on the room:

1 bed in quadruple room: 215 €

1 bed in double room: 240 €

Be aware: limited number of spots available. Book as soon as possible!

This price includes:

  • 3 nights in your selected room with bath towel and linen
  • full board (3 breakfasts and 2 lunches at Sun and Co, 3 dinners at local restaurants)
  • access to over 200sq meters of common areas in a 19th-century historical building
  • communal supplies
  • free organic coffee
  • 300mbps/300mbps internet fibre connection
  • hosting, organization and facilitation of the unconference

Not included:

  • transport to/from Sun and Co. (Jávea),
  • lunch on days 1 and 4,
  • additional consumptions (bars, etc.)

Can I stay longer at Sun and Co.?

Of course! You are very welcome to stay longer at Sun and Co., either before and/or after the unconference. Just keep in mind that Sun and Co. is fully booked with other group during the 4 days following the unconference, from March 24th to March 28th.

Rémy, the founder of Green Coworking Europe, is a member of the “Sun and Co. family”, the community of all the people who have already been coliving at Sun and Co. Rémy will stay again at Sun and Co. for more than one month until the unconference.

We encourage you to stay at least 2 or 3 weeks to really feel the community spirit and all of the benefits of a coliving experience at Sun and Co.

Feel free to let us know about the dates you’d like to check in at Sun and Co. and we will give them the information in order to prepare your booking.

family meeting Sun and Co.
Weekly family meeting at Sun and Co.


Information and booking: fill the form below

What is an unconference?

An unconference is a participative and flexible meeting

Unlike traditional top-down and formal conferences, unconferences have no predefined agenda and they don’t follow a conventionally structured programme of events.

Instead of having audiences listening to different papers given by expert speakers, all the attendees: 

  • create the agenda together at the beginning of the meeting (anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic will propose to plan a session about it),
  • participate in the different sessions being speakers and listeners at the same time.

With a very light structure and a non-hierarchical and dynamic format, unconferences emphasize open discussions and informal exchange of information and ideas between participants.

How will the agenda be like?

  • Day 1 – Thursday, March 21st
    • Optional, depending on your arrival: lunch at a local restaurant (not included)
    • Welcome and check-in
    • Dinner at a local restaurant
  • Day 2 – Friday, March 22nd
    • Breakfast
    • Opening session (introduction + session planning)
    • 2 unconference sessions
    • Lunch at Sun and Co. and walk around Jávea
    • 3 unconference sessions
    • Dinner at a local restaurant
  • Day 3 – Saturday, March 23rd
    • Breakfast
    • 3 unconference sessions
    • Lunch at Sun and Co. and walk around Jávea
    • 3 unconference sessions
    • Dinner at a local restaurant
  • Day 4 – Sunday, March 24th
    • Breakfast
    • Closing session (wrap-up)
    • Check-out at 11:30
    • Optional, depending on your departure: lunch at a local restaurant (not included)

This event is created and organized by

Green Coworking Europe logo

in collaboration with


Logo Sun and Co.

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