A new project about promoting rural coworking, all around Europe.

About us

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Founded in January 2019, Green Coworking Europe is a new project about coworking, coworkations, nature, and environmental behaviour, all around Europe.

Vision and values


Green means nature, environmental compliance, sustainability

We are grateful to Mother Nature. From now on, it’s not enough to respect her. We also need to take care of her and learn to live in harmony all together with her.


We see coworking as a sustainable, collaborative and productive way of working, and coworkation as a wonderful way to balance work and leisure activities, both things in good company.

We want to promote coworking and coworkation in many ways.

If you want to know more about our definition and vision of coworking and coworkation, and about how we see interconnections between green and coworking, please read our first article “Introducing Green Coworking Europe”.


Europe is our beautiful land of origin, our base, our primary playground.

We love the diversity of cultures and languages either inside this compact territory and outside.

We are fluent in English, French, Spanish, and we love to learn and speak a bit of other languages when we travel and meet foreign people.

Mission and activities

Green Coworking Europe aims to:

  • promote coworking as a sustainable way of working ;
  • promote good practices and solutions to environmental problems, applying to coworking, coliving, location independent lifestyle, etc. ;
  • promote coworkation, create coworkation events connected to nature and oriented towards environmentalist action ;
  • promote and contribute to alternative and innovative forms of operating coworking spaces and communities: independent, cooperative, pop-up, experimental, etc. ;
  • promote and collaborate with coworking operators located in connection with nature, in rural areas and small towns ;
  • promote coworking and coworkation as ways to connect professionals, either location independent (e.g. digital nomads) and local ones, and make them collaborate / cooperate, all around Europe.

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