A new project about encouraging rural coworking, all around Europe.

About us

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Green Coworking Europe is a new project aiming to encourage the development of coworking in rural areas, all around Europe.

Vision and values

The Green Coworking Europe brand reflects in 3 words the values that drive this project.

These 3 words also allow us to develop our vision, our understanding of the environment in which we operate, and the solutions we recommend.


Green represents nature, our countryside, our villages and the rural world in general, so many concepts to which we are attached:

  • Nature is at the same time our heritage, our nurse and our common home.
  • Our countryside is the lungs of our planet, the fertile lands that nourish us and amaze our taste buds, the natural spaces where we like to escape …
  • Our villages and small provincial towns are places where life is good. This good quality of life is characterized in particular by a better balance between personal and professional life. Local coworking also improves this balance.
  • The rural exodus marked the last century. The urban exodus is now putting the rural world back into a positive dynamic. The development of rural coworking will also contribute to this.

Finally, green is also the color of ecology, sustainable development, and the social economy. Economic development can no longer ignore its impact on the environment. In particular, local coworking makes it possible to reduce the ecological impact of commuting.


We see coworking as a sustainable, collaborative and productive way of working, close to our home.

Coworking is a fairly new practice in most part of Europe, and even still very marginal in rural and peri-urban areas.

Coworking consists of a heterogeneous grouping of workers who share not only a common space and equipment but also experiences, knowledge, skills, ideas, contacts, etc.

Coworkers are very often referred to as members of coworking spaces and communities, more than as simple users or clients.

Historically, most coworkers have been self-employed. But there are more and more employees, civil servants, students, etc.

2020 was the year of WFH (work from home). The years to come will undoubtedly see the explosion of remote work in coworking spaces, close to home, including in the countryside. Coworking indeed provides an ideal solution with the advantages of remote work without the disadvantages of WFH.

This is why we want to promote coworking in rural areas, encourage any initiative and support any project to create and run a rural coworking.


Our origins, our experiences and our networks are mainly in France and Spain. But we also have some experiences and privileged contacts in other Europe countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Norway, Portugal (and Azores islands), Serbia…

We love the diversity of cultures and languages on our continent. This intercultural dimension enriches our knowledge and stimulates our creativity.

We are fluent in French, Spanish and English.

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Mission and activities

Green Coworking Europe aims to:

  • develop rural coworking, all around Europe;
  • promote and contribute to alternative and innovative forms of operating coworking spaces and communities: independent, cooperative, pop-up, experimental, etc.;
  • collaborate with coworking managers located in rural areas and small towns in the provinces;
  • promote coworking as a sustainable way of working ;
  • promote coworking as a means of connecting professionals, nomads or locals, and getting them to collaborate / cooperate;
  • promote good practices and solutions to environmental problems, applying to coworking, coliving, location independent lifestyle, etc.

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